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Arizona Highways Hiking Guide
Arizona Highways Hiking Guide
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bullet  Hike of the Month  
Hike of the Month
© Elias Butler

Abineau-Bear Jaw Loop

By Robert Stieve

The first thing you need to know about this hike is that it might be the last one you ever do in the San Francisco Peaks. That’s because it comes with just about everything, including scenery, solitude and sweat, and the next time you’re planning an outing up there, you’re going to wonder: Why would I hike anything but the Abineau-Bear Jaw Loop? It might be the perfect trail. ... [more]

 Survival Tip  
Survive in the Wild
© Mike Kelly

If you’re hiking up north in July or August, an afternoon thunderstorm is always a possibility, and so is a flash flood. When you’re out on the trail, look at the sky and know where you are. If you’re in a canyon or a wash, think about where the drainage begins. If it begins 30 miles away, you might not see the storm sending a flood your way. Keep track of exits — places where you can climb to safety at a moment’s notice. Being caught in even knee-deep water can be fatal, no matter how well you swim.

bullet  Fan Photo of the Month  
Fan Photo of the Month
© Flickr User Pam

Each month, we’ll feature a photo posted by a member of our Flickr community. Flickr user Pam captured this month’s photo, a ladybug traversing a blade of grass. To submit your photo for consideration, visit our Flickr Hiking Group.
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