103-Year-Old Becomes Grand Canyon 'Junior Ranger'

Rose Torphy, courtesy of Cheri Stoneburner
Rose Torphy during her Grand Canyon visit. | Courtesy of Cheri Stoneburner

Grand Canyon National Park is celebrating 100 years of existence this week, but the park recently honored a visitor who's been around even longer.

As Good Morning America and other outlets reported this month, Rose Torphy visited the Canyon in January and inquired at a gift shop about the park's junior ranger program, which teaches children about how to protect the Canyon. Torphy, age 103, then was sworn in as a junior ranger herself.

The visit was Torphy's second to the Canyon, GMA reported. Her first was in 1985, and she now uses a wheelchair but was able to get to the edge of the South Rim with the help of wheelchair ramps.

Torphy has three children, nine grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and 10 great-great-grandchildren. Her daughter told GMA that Torphy has become a park "spokesperson" since the trip, telling everyone she meets that "you're never too old to see the Grand Canyon."

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