ADOT Seeks Input on U.S. 60 Bridge Project

The Pinto Creek Bridge carries U.S. Route 60 traffic over its namesake waterway. | Courtesy of Arizona Department of Transportation

The Arizona Department of Transportation is planning to replace a 68-year-old bridge on U.S. Route 60 near Superior — and is seeking public input on the project.

The Pinto Creek Bridge carries U.S. 60 over Pinto Creek between Superior and Miami, east of the Phoenix area. ADOT says the 637-foot bridge no longer meets minimum federal and state standards, even though it continues to be safe for traffic.

ADOT currently plans to remove the existing bridge and build a new bridge. Other possibilities that were considered include rehabilitating the existing bridge, building a new bridge while keeping the old bridge in place, and taking no action.

Because the bridge is considered historically significant, ADOT was required to complete a report on the project, and that report is now up for public comment. You can read it, and learn more about the department's plans for the bridge, at If you'd like to comment on the report, you can do so via email to [email protected], by phone at 855-712-8530, or by writing to ADOT Communications, 1655 W. Jackson St., MD 126F, Phoenix, AZ 85007. Comments must be received by December 8 to be included in the project record, ADOT says.

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Build another one beside it.

Build the new one next to the existing. Use the existing as a pull off scenic view. Sort of like how Marble Canyon is set up on 89A.

You can still see the old old bridge down below, and parts of the old highway before the "new" tunnel was built 1952.

My brother and Dad worked on the "new" tunnel built in 1952 and the highway. They worked on many AZ bridges and highways. I would hate to see the old bridge destroyed.

Please do not destroy it. Enough history disappears... Rehab it, build a new one, but leave our precious history alone. Do not destroy it.

I recommend restoring the old bridge. It is truly a peice of Arizona history. We also need a way for people to enjoy it, like a viewing platform. It is a marvel of Engineering.

I recommend restoring this historic bridge. It is truly a piece of art and of Arizona history.

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