The Apache Trail, as Seen by a Drone

Reinier Zorge | Apache Trail

The Apache Trail, a route through the Superstition Mountains northeast of Phoenix, is one of Arizona's most picturesque drives. Now, modern technology has given us a new view of the iconic route.

From the website Only in Your State comes this video, which drone operator and videographer Ryan Gordon shot along the Apache Trail (State Route 88). According to the video description, Gordon shot the video using a DJI Phantom Pro 3 drone. As you'll see, it's pretty stunning stuff.

Gordon has produced several drone videos from around Arizona, so if you enjoy this, check out his other work!


Beautiful photography of our favourite state! Thank You! We have been to AZ many times and this has brought back many memories!

Awesome video! Loved it! That is a part of Arizona I haven't seen yet and it's just a beautiful as everything else I have seen!

Video is Awesome!! So Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Love living in Arizona.

Well done, very beautiful - Love the video footage...but, where is the credit for the dramatic and equally beautiful music? For copyright reasons it really should be included with all of your videos even if - especially if it is borrowed, stock or original music and it could easily be added at the end of each segment.

May we use it in our visitor center? thanks Roberto 602 708 6465

may we use it in our visitor center. thanks Roberto 602 708 6465

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