Arizona Game and Fish: Leave Baby Wildlife Alone

Elk at the Grand Canyon. | Dave Knox

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is telling people to leave baby wildlife alone.

The department says while it seems humane to "rescue" an animal, most of these animals need to grow up in the wild and learn important survival skills. 

“Picking up or ‘rescuing’ baby wildlife is often unnecessary and can have negative consequences,”  says Stacey Sekscienski, Arizona Game and Fish Department wildlife education program manager. “The mother is often left searching for her young, and baby wildlife raised by humans are less likely to survive if released back into the wild.”

If you happen to find an injured animal out in the wild, you can contact Game and Fish and the department will send out a licensed wildlife rehabilitator to take care of the animal. 

The Game and Fish website has resources for offices to contact when you find an animal in need of help. 

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