Campfire Safety Still Important, Apache-Sitgreaves Says

From our friends at the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, an important reminder about campfire safety:

The Apache-Sitgreaves (A-S) National Forests wishes to remind you that campfire safety is still a priority.  The monsoon season is ending and fine grassy fuels and brush will start to dry out.  As you are out hunting, camping, or collecting firewood on the A-S National Forests there is still a need for campfire safety. Here are some suggestions to help prevent wildfires:

For campers, hunters and drivers:
• If you don’t need a fire, don’t build one.
• Use established campfire rings whenever available.
• Make sure campfires are away from overhanging branches, steep slopes, and leaves.
• Keep water and a shovel near the campfire.
• Douse campfire with water and stir one hour before leaving. If its cool to the touch, then it’s safe to leave. 
• Adults should always supervise children around a campfire.
• Only smoke in approved areas and always dispose of smoking materials in an ashtray or ashcan.
• While driving, avoid pulling over into areas with tall grass.  Hot catalytic converters or exhaust particles can ignite grasses along the roadway.
• If pulling a trailer, make sure chains are not dragging along the pavement as the sparks can fly and start a fire.

For landowners:
• Thin trees and brush near structures.
• Remove weeds and mow dry grasses.
• Clear twig and leaf litter from gutters and roofs.
• Stack firewood well away from structures.
• Surround structures with drought and fire resistant or irrigated landscaping.
• Have an evacuation plan.

(Photo: Chad Harris | Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests)

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