Flagstaff Celebrates 90 Years of Route 66

Richard Legere | Flagstaff

Historic Route 66 turns 90 this year, and Flagstaff is marking the big birthday with a list of things to do along the Mother Road.

The Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau recently launched "66 Kicks on Route 66," which features attractions on and near the old route in the Flagstaff area. Among them: Immerse yourself in Route 66 history at the Pioneer Museum; follow the original pavement east from Flagstaff to Walnut Canyon National Monument; or grab a cold beverage at Mother Road Brewing Company.

Route 66 was officially designated in 1926, which makes it just a year younger than Arizona Highways. It covered about 400 miles in Arizona. Williams, just west of Flagstaff, was the last Route 66 town in the U.S. to be bypassed by an interstate highway, in 1984. The following year, the route was dropped from the U.S. highway system, but it lives on with a "historic" designation.

Visit the CVB website to check out some more Route 66 ideas. What's your favorite thing to do along Route 66?


Well my favorite, I wish you from here In Holland Congratulations.!!! Wow 90 years, that is alot.

Flagstaff will forever be my home. It's funny when I was a teenager I hated living in small town. I've been in the valley for 30 years and miss small town!

Playing includes includes standing on the corner and spending a night at the La Posada Hotel.

From 9 yrs. old till about 17 I spent summers in Flagstaff. My dad had a fruitstand on Hwy 89 right after the y that split 66 and 89. I waited on many Navajo and Hopi Indians and also people from all over the world on their way to the Grand Canyon!

ARIZONA STATE COLLEGE AT FLAGSTAFF; 1959-1964 I worked many different jobs during that time including two right on highway 66: Basil's Truck Stop (Night shift) & Al Walker's Chevron. Many cold, snowy nights. I have great memories of leasure spring days spent in Oak Creek, lake Mary and being up in the Aspen trees of the San Francisco Peaks. Bill Jones

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