Flagstaff Joint's Bagels Named Best in Arizona

As you might have gathered, we love rankings. And here's another one that makes us happy: Biff's Bagels, a humble Flagstaff bagel joint, has been recognized as having Arizona's best bagels by Tripping, which bills itself as "the world's largest search engine for vacation rentals."

The bagel, when you think about it, is the perfect breakfast food. Not only is it tasty and easy to eat without silverware, it's got enough calories to get you through the morning. And Biff's does it right. We recommend a toasted Mish Mash bagel with the Garlic & Herb cream-cheese spread, which will set you back less than $3. There also are soups, sandwiches and organic coffee on the menu.

The restaurant started in Prescott in 1995 but moved to Flagstaff in 2000. It gets its name from the owners' departed dog, Biff. Photos of Biff and of hundreds of customers' dogs cover the interior walls of the restaurant.

Biff's Bagels is located at 1 S. Beaver Street in Flagstaff. To learn more, call the restaurant at 928-226-0424 or visit www.biffsbagels.com.

Of course, we haven't eaten at every bagel place in Arizona (though we are working on that). You tell us: What's your favorite bagel in the state?

Photo courtesy of Biff's Bagels Facebook page



I'm from New Jersey and good bagels are hard to find in AZ. I would have to say that the Bagel Man in Tempe is pretty close to the real thing. Fresh baked every morning. Super friendly guy owns it.

It reads, "We reserve the right to refuse service (with a giant picture of the LGBTQ Rainbow flag in the sign) to Arizona Legislators". Shop owner says he has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason--including just being LGBTQ. Bigotry of this nature has NO place in America. If you believe in a fair and just American society, exercise your right to bypass this establishment.

It's been 15 years but this had been one if my favorite places to work. Thank you Tourney for teaching me the art of bread. Truly is one of the best places Flag has to offer. It isn't a vist without a stop at Biff's

For the best bagels and easy to find, try Safeway's. Better than all of the others we've tried … and we've pretty much been there, done that.

I am from the Bronx now living in AZ. #1 If the bread is not boiled before it is baked it is not a bagel!! #2 Safeway's are not even Chompies doesn't boil them any more. #3 This is why there are very few good Bagels in AZ #4 The Bagel Man on Elliot in Awatukee are the only ones I have found here

Just a note, that Biff's owners freshly boil and bake every batch each morning. It's also the only place in AZ, to my knowledge, to get a bialy.

I occasionally ate breakfast at Biff's when I lived in Flagstaff. They do it right. Yummy!

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