Four Peaks Tops Ranking of Arizona's Best Breweries

Four Peaks Brewing Company, Tempe

A story on lifestyle website Thrillist recently ranked the top 10 breweries in Arizona. And here's something that won't shock many of our state's beer drinkers: Four Peaks Brewing Company in Tempe took the top spot.

Another Tempe brewery, Huss Brewing Company, was second, followed by College Street Brewhouse in Lake Havasu City. Rounding out the list were brewhouses in the Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff areas.

Four Peaks has been around since 1996 and is a longtime favorite of Tempe residents and Arizona State University students. Several of its beers, including its iconic Kiltlifter and 8th Street Ale, are bottled and sold at retail locations statewide. The brewery has also expanded to locations in Scottsdale and at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, plus a tasting room elsewhere in Tempe.

One brewery that surprisingly didn't make the list was Flagstaff's Beaver Street Brewery, where you can't go wrong with the oatmeal stout, if you ask us. Rankings such as this one are entirely subjective, though, so you tell us: What's the best brewery in Arizona? Leave your answer in the comments.


Well AZ Wilderness has some true artists working their brewing process. They have new and daring brews on tap all of the time. They don't just stick with what is safe. Is it crowded? Yes. Is the beer amazing..YES! My other spot lately has become BRI (Beer Research Institute). I don't want to talk about it much because I like that I can always find a seat there. I don't want my secret getting out. They don't rotate as much as AZ wilderness, but their beers on tap are complex and strong! You get your money's worth!

Check out Beast Brewing Co in Bisbee. Very small, hard to find, but wonderful beers. On a visit last weekend we had a Wolfspider Wit brewed with local pomegranate juice and champagne yeast, a strong Belgian brewed with local figs and honey, and a Pecan Porter. Some of the most innovative and delicious brews we've found anywhere.

My personal favorite is Wren House, which I'm happy to see made the list, and also surprised considering how new it is. It opened this year.

Is the brewery in carefree/ cave Creek (somewhere up there) still there? With the chili beer?. Last time I was out there in the '90's. Used to be able to buy it locally (NE Ohio).

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