If you see a large rodent on top of a building in downtown Gilbert, don't call pest control — it's just a new dining spot. 

The latest concept from Gilbert business owner Joe Johnston, Topo is a burrito and soft-serve food stall.  According to The Arizona Republic, the restaurant is set to open this month next door to Joe's Real BBQ

The 7-foot gopher on top of the building gives the restaurant its name; topo means "gopher" in Spanish. Johnston told The Republic, "An ongoing nemesis we have at the farm has always been a gopher, so we decided it had to be a gopher."

The stall is only 240 square feet and will not have any indoor seating. Most of the cooking will be done next door at the barbecue restaurant, and the burritos will be put together at Topo. 

This is the fourth of Johnston's Gilbert restaurants. The others are Joe's Farm Grill, Joe's Real BBQ and Liberty Market.