Grand Canyon Using GPS Collars to Track Elk

Elk at the Grand Canyon. | Dave Knox

Grand Canyon National Park's wildlife experts are using a high-tech tool to help them track some of the Canyon's best-known animal residents.

Ten of the park's elk are being outfitted with GPS collars so wildlife biologists can gather data on their movement, the park announced in a news release last week. That data will be used to help develop a management plan for the animals, which can often be seen around the developed areas of the South Rim.

According to the news release, the elk will be tracked for two years to help biologists understand their movement and interaction with South Rim visitors and residents. The scientists will be looking at what areas of the park are attracting the elk, along with how they move seasonally around Grand Canyon Village.

The adult elk selected for the project all weigh at least 300 pounds, the park said. The collars weigh 2 pounds, will not harm the animals and will fall off once the project is complete, according to the news release.

Park officials also reminded Grand Canyon visitors to stay at least 100 feet, or two bus lengths, away from elk at the Canyon.


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