Group Campaigning to Bring Californians to Arizona

The Greater Phoenix Economic Council has launched a campaign to urge Californians to move to Arizona.

The "Time to Get Out" campaign compares the cost of living and other lifestyle aspects in California to Arizona. It gives visitors the option to choose a business or personal focus and provides information on the differences living in Arizona, rather than California.

“For the last 10 years, we’ve seen a number of companies, because of the tax and regulatory environment, decide it’s time to expand or relocate out of the California market,” Chris Camacho, the council's president and CEO, told KTAR. "And so we want to be the location of choice when these companies decide to move knowledge workers out of California into Arizona.”

Overall, the campaign highlights a lower cost of living as well as a lower tax burden, which it says makes Arizona an appealing choice for businesses and individuals. 


No ..we font need there political structure .. Arizona us unique we dont need people to model az like Ca


The reason why California has the ridiculous laws and regulations in the state is because the PEOPLE of California voted in the law makers. Now you want to bring them here? Get wisdom.

They should move to Central America. It is almost empty.

Better they move here than Colorado where I'm going back to after going through 25 years of growth in the Phoenix area

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