Happy New Year

James Robert Terrell | Escudilla Mountain

And, dear friends, our wishes for you for the New Year?

Health, happiness, serenity, of course, with all the joyous beauty of all the seasons of the year being part of your riches:

The sprightliness of spring with the gay flowers speaking so eloquently a new, awakening world —

The lazy green of summer whose shadows offer haven from the hot sun, but whose depth of color is that of growing things reaching blessed maturity —

The gold of autumn, dried, crackling leaves making music underfoot, the restless wind shimmering the gold in the trees —

The silent whiteness of winter, snow crystals turned to diamonds in the sun —

May all the seasons — the beauty with which they are so generous — be yours throughout the New Year!

— Editor Raymond Carlson, Arizona Highways, December 1953

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