Historical TV Series Filmed in Arizona Begins Tonight

A 10-week run of documentary-style TV programs that recount the history of some of the Wild West's most famous figures debuts tonight on Fox News Channel.

Legends and Lies: The Real West begins tonight with back-to-back episodes starting at 5 p.m. Arizona time. New episodes will air at the same time each week.

A spokeswoman for the network says the series, which looks at such figures as Doc Holliday and the Earp brothers (pictured), Jesse James and Kit Carson, was filmed primarily in Arizona.

Fox News Channel also says the series "will feature first-hand accounts from direct descendants and historians along with the support of archival photographs and special effects, giving viewers the chance to see the forensic science behind the historical analysis."

To learn more and see a sneak peek of the series, click here.

Photo courtesy of Fox News Channel


How exactly are accounts from descendants and historians "first-hand"

I hope they tell the truth, this time. Too many of these shows talk to and use the same people to get the stories. That does NOT make it true! Too lazy to dig for the real story?

Descendants usually have the writings done by the historical person. Also, they Have oral histories they can pass on. Historians use this oral and written histories to explore the subjects and build their knowledge of said subject. It's how History has been passed on for centuries. Some sources are considered to be Primary (diaries, autobiographies, photos and videos) and others are Secondary ( biographers, textbooks).

Why is this being shown on Fox News channel? I am confused, isn't fox news, a, I don't know, NEWS CHANNEL??

Der.... this is news and they thought of doing the show really simple to figure out.

Fox so not a news station. They are a registered entertainment company under the disguise of a news station. Everything they report is scripted and not actually new but a twisted political motivated version of the news.

An ignorant statement lacking basic facts. Fox News is the only channel willing to report news not supporting the leftist dream world and protecting those who force it on the nation. That said, Legends and Lies is pretty awful. But it is similar to most made for TV movies or even ridiculous, non factual presentations on the History Channel. It demonstrates Bill O'Reilly's unfortunate influence at Fox News. BTW, there are no Saguaro cacti in Lincoln County, New Mexico.

Fox channel doesn't show that anything besides 5 o'clock news is airing tonight... when I tried conducting a search for "legends and lies", nothing came up... anyone else having this issue??

Cox 1047 hd

Cox 1047 HD really runs at 8.00 az time

when is this series set to air date and time in Tuscon, not finding listing under search! Thanks...

It's been on a few weeks now in Tucson, airing on Saurday nights at 5pm on the Fox News Channel (360 on directv).

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