Horseshoe Bend Implements Parking Fee

Horseshoe Bend | Leila Shehab

Horseshoe Bend has implemented an entry fee for the first time.

The attraction, near Page, brings hundreds of tourists from around the world. Recent social media photos have played a big role in the growing popularity for the area. In 2017, more than 1.5 million people visited Horseshoe Bend.

To help cope with the growing tourism, there is now a plan in place that includes a fee schedule for visitors. It will now cost $10 to park a vehicle in the newly expanded lot, and $5 for motorcycles. Additionally, National Park Service passes will not be accepted, even though Horseshoe Bend is part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

The money raised from the new fees will help fund future improvements in the area. In addition to the expansion of the parking lot, the area has recently also become more compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, thanks to a path that leads to a viewing platform. 


I guess trying to cut down on the crowds.... Eliminates me for sure if I have to pay to park in an area where my park lifetime pass is valid..... Scam the tourists for all you can get. This place marked off my list.

Too bad they won't recognize Nat'l Park Passes. Glad I'va already seen it!

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