It's Illegal to Feed Pigeons in Phoenix


Don't feed the birds. At least, not the pigeons. 

The Phoenix City Council has passed an ordinance prohibiting people from feeding wild pigeons.

Residents asked the council to pass the ordinance after complaints of droppings covering yards, pigeons perched on roofs and community parks overtaken by the birds. 

The city will fine a "bird feeder" once it receives signed complaints from three separate households about the person not following the ordinance. According to The Arizona Republic, the penalties are the same as they are for nuisance violations in the city of Phoenix: a minimum $150 fine and a maximum $2,500 fine. Violators can also be charged civilly or criminally. 

The Phoenix suburb of Tempe passed a similar ordinance last year.


Mesa needs to follow suit ... no feeding pigeons!

In Arizona it is not illegal to feed wild birds. How, then, does the Phoenix city government propose that we citizens/homeowners/apartment dwellers keep pigeons away from the birdseed that we put out either on the ground or in hanging bird feeders? Why don't those dufuses put their time and energy into fixing our statewide environmental/education/economy/healthcare issues instead?

Your story is incomplete, Arizona Highways! Your readers need to learn how the city of Tempe, since passing that law, has magically found a way to prevent pigeons from eating the wild birdseed that residents legally put out. The product I buy from Ace Hardware is labeled "Wild Bird Food" and is equally tasty to pigeons and all other air- and ground-based wild birds.

Great, they need to go. Very shittie

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