Lemonade Is Arizona's Official State Drink


They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But in this case, Governor Doug Ducey made lemonade the state drink.

It all started with a Gilbert high school student lobbying Republican State Representative Warren Petersen with the idea of having an official state drink. Petersen ended up introducing the bill, which passed easily through the House, but needed a couple tries to make it through the Senate. One senator suggested margaritas as an alternative, while another didn't like the idea of "glorifying" a sugary beverage. 

After the bill eventually passed, it was on Ducey's desk to sign. The governor signed it without hesitation, telling KTAR, "I’m a fan of lemonade, in general.” 

The entire text of the bill (HB 2962) reads, "Lemonade is the state drink." 

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