Lowell's Clark Telescope to Reopen for Tours on Saturday

After nearly two years of extensive repairs and restoration, the historic Clark telescope at Flagstaff's Lowell Observatory is reopening for public tours this Saturday, September 5.

A "first light" opening, when the public can once again use the telescope to observe the night sky, is planned for Saturday, October 3, according to an observatory news release.

The telescope dates to the 1890s and was instrumental in Clyde Tombaugh's discovery of Pluto in 1930. But more than a century of use caught up with the Clark, leading it to be shut down for repairs in 2014. We detailed the restoration efforts in the July issue of Arizona Highways.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed the opportunity to peer through the Clark in the past," said Jeff Hall, Lowell's director, in the release. "We are pleased to complete this much-needed renovation so many more in the future can experience this treasure.”

Frequent Arizona Highways contributor Dawn Kish passed along the above photo, which shows the fully restored Clark telescope in its dome.

For more information about the telescope and Lowell Observatory, visit www.lowell.edu.

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