Merry Christmas From Arizona Highways

Bob Larson | Prescott

The following appeared in the December 1954 issue of Arizona Highways. All the best to you and yours this holiday season.

The Nicest Thing About Christmas

There are many nice things about Christmas. It is the gayest day of the gay Season, a period of good cheer when greetings take on extra warmth making strangers less distant, forging stronger bonds of friendship between friends, strengthening the ties of love and comradeship between dear ones. It is a day of merriment and happiness when voices around the family hearth sing out the old but ageless carols of Yule which acquire added meaning in the singer's heart each and every time they are sung. It is a day of giving and receiving when even the most modest gift can become a prized treasure. More than monetary value measures the sentiment concealed beneath bright wrappers and ribbons at this time of year.

It is nice this day to remember with gladness the Nativity, to reaffirm our faith in the Saviour's teachings, to be grateful and humble that in a dark and fearsome world a light was lit that has given mankind warmth and courage along the shaded corridors of time.

One of the nicest things about Christmas is to be able to extend again to you and yours best wishes for the Holy Season, and may all the blessings of Providence enrich your life.

— Raymond Carlson, Editor

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