A new cookbook offers recipes from some of Arizona's best restaurants, along with stories and cooking tips from some of the state's best-known residents.

Tastes & Treasures II: A Storytelling Cookbook of Historic Arizona is a project of the Historical League of the AZ Heritage Center at Papago Park. The book features recipes and stories from places such as the Grand Canyon's Bright Angel Lodge, Bisbee's Café Roka and El Chorro in the Phoenix area.

Biographies, photos, recipes and food memories of prominent Arizonans are also featured, according to the Historical League:

 Read about the Lazy B Ranch and how to make beef jerky from Sandra Day O’Connor. Arizona’s poet laureate, Alberto Rios, has an original story. Lattie Coor shares his recipe for Tamale Pie. Arizona’s official historian, Marshall Trimble, has given us the family recipe for Trimble’s Tasty Cowboy Beans. 

A section of "Cherished Legacy Recipes" also allows users of the book to add their own family recipes. "Whether it’s the grandparent who always served your favorite dish the first night of a visit, a dear friend who taught you how to make the cookies you still love, or an ancestor you honor when you prepare their favorite holiday dish, a tribute page celebrates someone you love," the Historical League says.

The Historical League is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Arizona's cultural heritage and promoting awareness of the Arizona Historical Society.

To learn more about the book or purchase a copy, click here.