Now Featured in the Arizona Highways Gift Shop: Joel Hazelton

You can now view and buy prints of Joel Hazelton's work at the Arizona Highways gift shop in Phoenix. | Keith Whitney

We told you in October that we're now featuring work by Arizona Highways photographers at our gift shop (2039 W. Lewis Avenue, Phoenix). Starting this month, we welcome someone who's relatively new to the magazine but is already making a big impression.

Joel Hazelton says Arizona Highways had an impact on him long before he became a contributor. "My parents had a subscription ... and I would stare at the magazine for hours," he says. "This was during the early 2000s, when guys like Jeff Snyder and Nick Berezenko were out shooting these crazy canyons, and that was the style that really spoke to me and largely influenced the work I do now."

Hazelton first contributed to the magazine in 2014. You can read more about him and see his work in an upcoming issue of Arizona Highways.

Or, if you're looking for a unique and spectacular holiday gift, come on down to the gift shop and buy a print of a Hazelton photo. A portion of the cost benefits the magazine's mission of promoting tourism to and through the state of Arizona.

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