Proposal Would Increase Peak-Season Fees at Grand Canyon, Other National Parks

Bob Tenor | Grand Canyon

Entrance fees at Grand Canyon National Park would increase to $30 per person and $70 per vehicle during peak season under a new National Park Service proposal.

The park is one of 17 Park Service sites targeted by the proposal, which is up for public comment until November 23. The higher fees would apply May through September, the months when the park sees the most visitors. The fee for motorcyclists would be $50.

The 17 sites bring in 70 percent of the Park Service's entrance-fee revenue, the agency says. In addition to the peak-season increases, the proposal would hike the fee for an annual pass at each park to $75; at Grand Canyon, that's an increase from the current $60 fee. The fee for an annual pass to all Park Service sites, though, would remain $80.

The Park Service says the proposed increase would generate an additional $70 million annually, and that the additional funds would be spent on park projects and activities, with an emphasis on deferred maintenance. That could be good news for the Trans-Canyon Pipeline, the aging waterway that supplies the Grand Canyon's South Rim; we featured the pipeline in a recent issue of Arizona Highways.

Grand Canyon is the only Arizona park on the list, but others in the region include Zion, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands and Arches national parks in Utah; Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, and Joshua Tree national parks in California; and Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The peak seasons for those parks are all the same as Grand Canyon's, with the exception of Joshua Tree (January through May) and Rocky Mountain (June through October).

If you'd like to weigh in on this proposal, please do so by November 23.


Is this still for I can't remember but for multiple days in the park? Sure has gone up since I was out there in 2001. Was 25 or 30 for the van. That included all 6 of us.

We were just there used our lifetime passes New fees are too high they will keep some Americans from enjoying this and other natural wonders please less Trump cuts lets work together to get the parks the resources they need

I for one will not be able to afford the new fee. It is sad that if this passes I and others will never see these beautiful parks. My bucket list will never be finished. I don't pretend to know the answers but I am against this solution.

Seriously folks, the new fees are a necessity to control the amount of traffic that the parks are now experiencing and to maintain the public areas. In fact, the parks are so overcrowded now that there should be a reservation system in place. We reserve motels so that we can be assured of an accommodation, and we pay more per night than the fee for an annual pass. Visiting, experiencing, treasuring, and preserving these natural wonders/treasures should surely be worth more than a less-than-memorable night in a motel.

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