From a Reader: The Spirit of the Cowboy

Julie Knight | Sonoita

From time to timeArizona Highways receives poetry submissions from readers. Dianna Cunningham, a resident of Northeast Phoenix, sent us this one in response to our August issue (on newsstands now) on Arizona's Western culture. Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Dianna!

The Spirit of the Cowboy
By Dianna Cunningham

The cowboy embodies
the spirit of the west.

Like his father before him,
he lives life to its best.

His passion for living
shows in his face.

His bedside companion
is the wide open space.

Hard work and honor
are always his style,

Every new challenge
he takes on with a smile.

He’s mastered the art
of working the land

And when a friendship is needed
he’ll lend you a hand.

While others search for fortune and fame
and chasing the dream of the glory;

The cowboy’s dream lives on forever
As part of the great western story!


Dianna, like the cowboys life, this is simply eloquent.

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