Schnepf Farms Ends Annual Peach Festival

Schnepf Farms peaches
Courtesy of Schnepf Farms (via Facebook)

After 22 years, Schnepf Farms’ annual Peach Festival has come to an end. But don’t worry: You’ll still be able to pick peaches this spring.

Owner Mark Schnepf told ABC15, “The festival has simply become too popular to handle the crowds of people that visit the farm on the single weekend.”

The festival used to take place at the Queen Creek farm for a whole weekend, featuring a pancake breakfast, tasting tents and live music.

While the festival will no longer exist, people will still be able to pick peaches for the six-week peach season, which begins in mid-April and ends in May. Every weekend, the Schnepfs will open up their family farm to the public to enjoy the experience of picking peaches and touring the farm. The bakery will also offer its peach-filled cinnamon rolls, cobblers and muffins. On Saturdays, it will even sell grilled peach pancakes.

The family’s hope is that spreading out the crowd will make the experience more enjoyable for visitors, allowing them to pick the best peaches at their convenience.

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