Taliesin West Hosts Photography Exhibit

Photograph by Pedro E. Guerrero | Courtesy of Taliesin West

Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright's former headquarters in Scottsdale is the site of an upcoming exhibition of rarely seen photos by one of Wright's longtime associates.

The show at Taliesin West runs from October 18 through November 14, and it honors Pedro E. Guerrero, a well-known architectural photographer and native of the Phoenix area.

According to Taliesin West, Guerrero was 22 years old when Wright hired him, beginning a 20-year friendship that "produced some of the most powerful photographs ever taken of Wright and his work."

The show features 14 original, signed photographs taken by Guerrero at Taliesin West in the 1940s and '50s, when he served as Wright's official photographer.

Guerrero's widow, Dixie, said in a news release, said Taliesin West was where her husband "really became a photographer," adding that "he approached it as if it were sculpture, and that seemed to please Frank Lloyd Wright."

The Guerrero collection can be viewed by purchasing tickets to any Taliesin West tour. Prices start at $35 for adults, $25 for students and $19 for youths.

In addition to the showing, Taliesin West is hosting an October 17 lecture on the significance of Guerrero's work, along with a three-day photography seminar.

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