Throwback Thursday: Arizona Highways, July 1926

The note at the bottom-right corner of this cover indicates the photo is of the Fossil Creek Highway. We're not entirely sure which present-day road that is, though, or if it still exists or is open to vehicle traffic today. If you know more than we do, feel free to share in the comments.


This looks a lot like the road from Camp Verde to the Childs power plant, between fossil Childs and Strawberry. It doesn't look like this today, as it is almost all four-wheel drive and not for the faint of heart. Knew and old truck driver from Cottonwood that drove that road daily from Camp Verde to Strawberry and Pine back in the day. Said it was a gut-wrencher even then.

could the subject heading be Apachie trail? I know that there are lots of undocumented old highways like the above subject,and I understand that I could be wrong.I love that photo of the Fossil Creek highway.

I believe this road is now the fossil creek trail, which begins as an old road and is similar to what is pictured here.

Yes, I also believe that is Fossil Creek road, the beginning of the last decline down to the creek, about 4 miles from the intersection of forest roads 708 and 502.

Yup, i think you are spot-on.......

Here's a view in Google Earth of what I believe is the spot in question on Fossil Creek Road.

Can you give us coordinates for the road in the picture Jesse?

I think Jesse got it right. The coordinates for the switchback in the photo are 34 25' 12.86 N, 111 40' 22.25" W (from GoogleEarth). Does anyone know when Forest Road between SR 260 and FR 508 (the Coconino National Forest segment) was built or who built it (Yavapai County, State, APS)?

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