Want to Name This Moth? You Can — for the Right Price

The newly discovered moth whose name will be chosen via an online auction. | Courtesy of Western National Parks Association

The Western National Parks Association is auctioning off naming rights for a recently discovered species of moth, so if you've ever wanted to have an insect named after you, this could be your chance.

The moth was discovered at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. Eric Metzler, a research scientist who was being funded by the WNPA, made the discovery while he was cataloguing more than 600 species of white moths at the monument, the WNPA said in a news release. The soon-to-be-named moth is about an inch long, on average.

Whoever wins the naming rights will be able to work with Metzler to create the official moth name. That name will be documented in ZooBank, an online registry of species names, and a specimen of the moth will be housed at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

The online auction is being conducted on eBay through Friday, October 23. As of Tuesday afternoon, bidding was up to $11,500 after starting at $250.

The WNPA is a nonprofit education partner of the National Park Service, and it supports 67 national parks in 12 Western states. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the association's research program.

What would you name this moth?


I would name the Moth "Graymar"

Silver wing

I would name this moth " Autumn"

Encantado moth (Enchanted moth) or Silverdust moth

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