Warm Weather Delays Openings for Ski Resorts

Harry Ford | Arizona Snowbowl

Arizona's two largest ski resorts have delayed their season openings because it's too warm to keep snow on the slopes.

Arizona Snowbowl, located in the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff, and Sunrise Park Resort, in the White Mountains near Greer, both have the ability to produce artificial snow, but in both areas, according to The Arizona Republic, things haven't cooled off enough to keep the snow from melting.

Snowbowl had originally announced an opening date of November 11, but that's been pushed back to this Friday, November 18 — that is, if temperatures allow. Sunrise Park hasn't yet announced an opening date, but you can monitor the resort's webcam to see what the slopes are looking like.

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Well, I am not a skier, but I love to go up to Mt Lemmon to see the snow.

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