Throwback Thursday: October 1983

From the issue: "Autumn paints the Chiricahua Mountains. Rising abruptly from dry savannah, this wonderland of rock thrusts a forested island into the sky, alive with hundreds of species of animal and bird life." Photo by David Muench.

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Throwback Thursday: October 1969

From the issue: "'Someone Left the Gate Open.' From an oil painting by artist Joe Beeler. The artist, who lives in Sedona and is enjoying increasing repute as a fine Western artist, is no stranger to ranch life and the Western scene. When we asked him to do something for us featuring barbed wire, this painting was the result. When we questioned him about the long horns of the cow, he explained in coyote country mamma cow is allowed long horns to protect her calf."

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Throwback Thursday: October 1925

From the issue: "The cover picture for Arizona Highways for October is a photograph of the Arizona Natural Bridge in Gila County. It is in the heart of the Tonto Basin, made famous by Zane Grey in To the Last Man." (The bridge now is known as Tonto Natural Bridge and is protected by a state park.)

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Throwback Thursday: September 1945

From the issue: "On the front cover is a picture of M W Larry Domino the 29th, top Hereford herd sire of the 1945 Tucson Livestock Show, sold for $10,000 to the Sears-Roebuck Foundation and presented to the University of Arizona last fall." The name of the girl is not included, nor is the name of the photographer.

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