Throwback Thursday: Arizona Highways, February 1961

From the issue: "'San Francisco Peaks From the Mill Pond' by Jeanne Lee. ... Photo shows Southwest Forest Industries mill pond, one half mile south of U.S. 66 within Flagstaff city limits. The San Francisco Peaks, in the Coconino National Forest, appear in the background."

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Throwback Thursday: Arizona Highways, February 1926

From the issue: "The cover page of Arizona Highways this month is a scene on the Ash Fork to Williams highway. The picture shows the splendid development in this area that has followed the coming of better highways." (This route later became part of Route 66; today, the road between Ash Fork and Williams is Interstate 40.)

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Throwback Thursday: Arizona Highways, January 1967

From the issue: "'Beavertail Cactus.' M. Paul Jarrett. From Wickenburg take Arizona 93, about five miles north of the overpass at the junction of the Aguila-Congress Road, turn off onto the Alamo Road. About five miles out on the Alamo Road is a cattle guard. From there on is one of the best displays of Beavertail Cacti and Joshua trees to be found." (Disclaimer: We have no idea if this is still the case 51 years later.)

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