Throwback Thursday: Arizona Highways, July 1936

From the issue: "View of lofty San Francisco Peaks from the South, three miles from Flagstaff on the Fort Valley road, quaking aspen in the foreground. The 12,468-foot summit is reached via a 16-mile highway and a short hike. Photo by Norman G. Wallace." (The highway mentioned here is now the Weatherford Trail, and the hike to the top of Humphreys Peak is about 9 miles round-trip.)

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Throwback Thursday: Arizona Highways, June 1966

From the issue: "'Rugged Vista From Schnebly Hill' by Darwin Van Campen. ... Whether viewed from High on Schnebly Hill ... or from the floor of the Canyon itself, the colorful, intimate beauty of the Oak Creek country cannot fail to impress even the most scenically sophisticated of viewers."

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Throwback Thursday: Arizona Highways, June 1945

From the issue: "Typically American is our cover scene — a barefoot boy fishing from a rocky ledge in the cool solitude of a clear mountain stream, hands gripping a crooked improvised fishing pole, attention riveted on the bobber of his line, a can of worms conveniently at his side, and his patient, faithful dog to keep him company as he enjoys the thrills of the great out-of-doors. Chuck Abbott has truly caught the Spirit of Young America in this delightful scene."

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