Join the Debate: What Is 'Arizona Food'?

Los Corrales, Pinetop-Lakeside | Paul Markow

A lively discussion on the social-media site Reddit this week centered on a simple question about our state: "When you think about Arizona food, what dish do you think of?"

The Reddit user, posting on the site's /r/arizona subreddit, continued, "I’m making a web series on how to make the most iconic dish from each state. What Arizona dish would you like to see made?"

As you might imagine, in a state as big and diverse as Arizona, there were plenty of different responses. Here are some of the highest-rated ones:

  • "Mexican food and Bosa Donuts make up 90 percent of my diet." (That probably isn't healthy.)
  • "Carne asada ... you can find it in almost every town in Arizona."
  • "Sonoran hot dog. It's not my favorite, but it can be quite good."
  • "Chimichanga." (By some accounts, this Mexican dish was invented in Arizona.)
  • "Navajo fry bread."

Of course, food is one of those topics about which people can argue endlessly and never reach a consensus. But what do you think? When you think of "Arizona food," what comes to mind? Let us know in the comments.

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When I think of my birthplace and childhood in Arizona, it was the Cheese Crisp for me! Cannot find them anywhere out of the state! Went through withdrawals when I moved to Cali. On special occasions, my Mom would splurge and take us four kids to get a couple cheese crisps at .25 cents each, .10 cent Pepsi’s st a place called Pedro’s in Sunnyslope.

Chile Colorado... you want red chile, you go to Arizona, you want green chile, you go to New Mexico. Chile Colorado burros at the Triple X café was my staple lunch during my high school years. Chile Colorado at Club 21 was my staple dinner during my UofA days.

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