Spend the Night in a Cave 220 Feet Underground

The décor at Grand Canyon Caverns is ... unique. | Cindy Roth

A Northwestern Arizona destination gives visitors an opportunity to spend a night in perhaps the state's most unusual hotel suite.

As The Arizona Republic reported last month, Grand Canyon Caverns, on State Route 66 northeast of Kingman, is the home of the Cavern Suite, located 220 feet underground in the largest dry caverns in the United States. The suite, which sleeps up to six, can be rented for just ... $800 a night. For two people, that is. If you have more, it's $100 per additional person.

Those who stay in the suite get the run of the place, including access to all the established paths through the caverns. There's a bathroom, but since water is limited, the toilet is only good for five or six flushes. After that, guests can ride the elevator up to ground level, where there's also a nighttime attendant to take care of any needs.

The room that contains the suite is 200 by 400 feet, with a 70-foot ceiling. When the lights are out, it's completely dark. There's zero humidity, and nothing grows there. And it's about as quiet a hotel room as you're likely to find.

For the price, this isn't likely to be a regular activity for most people, but if your "bucket list" includes spending a night in a 65 million-year-old cave, this could be your chance. For more information on the Cavern Suite, click here. For those on a tighter budget, Grand Canyon Caverns also has motel rooms at ground level and offers daily tours of the caverns.

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