Congratulations to the finalists in the WILDLIFE category of Arizona Highways
15th Annual Photo Contest! The contest winners will be chosen from the
finalists in all 3 categories.

Landscape Finalists | Macro Finalists | Wildlife Finalists


Photograph by Jonathan Cline

Jonathan Cline

Snowy egret, Gilbert


Photograph by Tom Mangelsdorf

Tom Mangelsdorf

Cactus Wren, Scottsdale


Photograph by Tam Ryan

Tam Ryan

Egrets,  Gilbert


Photograph by Yvonne Kippenberg

Yvonne Kippenberg

Juvenile Cooper's Hawk, Chandler


Photograph by Kat Guellich

Kat Guellich

Antelope Jackrabbits, Amado


Photograph by Bruce C Turnbull

Bruce C Turnbull

Northern Cardinal, Catalina State Park


Photograph by Randy Vuletich

Randy Vuletich

Peregrine Falcon with prey, Canyon Lake


Photograph by Robert T Kelly

Robert T Kelly

White Pelican, Gilbert


Photograph by Jenny Bowlden

Jenny Bowlden

Bighorn Sheep, White Mountains


Photograph by Anne James

Anne James

Bluebirds, White Mountains