Copper City Inn

By Noah Austin | Photo by Steven Meckler

“There are many things to do in Bisbee,” Fred Miller says, “but one of the best things is to not do anything.” Miller runs the three-room Copper City Inn — which he opened in 2005 and now co-owns with his wife, Anita Fox — with that mantra in mind. Guests are treated to a bottle of red or white wine and a voucher for breakfast at nearby High Desert Market and Café. The Mary Jane Colter and Louie de Bisbee rooms are perfect for couples, while the larger Warren Suite includes a full kitchen and can accommodate up to four people. Each has its own décor and personality, but all feature a private balcony, soft lighting and soothing colors that encourage guests to relax. And Miller knows a thing or two about relaxing: He’s the longtime bartender and beverage manager at Bisbee’s Cafe Roka. “We want to provide people with a place where they don’t have to think about the stuff they left behind,” he says. “They can just be here and enjoy.”

The Copper City Inn is located at 99 Main Street in Bisbee. For more information, call 520-432-1418 or visit