Cross Creek Cottages

By Kathy Montgomery | Photo by Steven Meckler

As I sit on the porch at Cross Creek Cottages on a late-summer morning, the only sounds are distant thunder, wind rustling through ancient cottonwoods and the chatter of birds. In the pasture, owner Regina Medley stands backlit by the sun. Wearing an apron and surrounded by rescued burros, she’s the picture of domestic rural life. The cottages are located just outside Patagonia, on 26 acres of a former sheep ranch. Sonoita Creek flows through the property, which borders the Native Seeds/SEARCH farm, making the place feel secluded despite its proximity to town. Medley is a textiles artist who has decorated the homey cottages with artistic flair and lots of fabrics. The cottages are large, comfortable shotgun suites with full kitchens stocked with muffins, juice, coffee and fruit — a little slice of heaven for $95 a night.

Cross Creek Cottages is located at 14 Cross Creek Road in Patagonia. For more information, call 520-400-7230 or visit