Photography Tips

Expert advice from our photo editor.

  • Star Bright

    Star Bright

    June is an ideal time for night-sky photography. Obviously, the farther you get from man-made light sources, the brighter the stars will appear in your photos. But don’t forget to take a flashlight or headlamp to help you hike to your location and assemble your gear. You can also use that light source to “paint” the landscape beneath a starry sky, adding depth to your photographs. Photo: Jeff Kida

  • Building a Landscape

    Landscape photographs, such as those you might take on your summer vacation, sometimes fall flat because they don’t give viewers a sense of “being there.” Include a foreground, middle ground and background to make the photograph appear three-dimensional. It helps to crouch down to a low vantage point, making smaller foreground elements appear larger. Photo: Fred Weymouth (photo contest submission)