On April 5, Consider Helping Arizona's Nonprofits

Grand Canyon | Tom Cuffari

April 5 is Arizona Gives Day, an annual event that began in 2013. Don't know what Arizona Gives Day is? Apparently, you're not alone.

Last year, the event, which aims to provide much-needed funding to the state's nonprofit organizations, raised $2 million. But given that 537 nonprofits participated in the event — and given that Arizona has a population of nearly 7 million — we can do better. (Similar events last year in Colorado and Minnesota raised $28 million and $18 million, respectively.)

This year, more than 900 Arizona nonprofits are participating, and organizers have set a goal of $3 million in donations through the Arizona Gives Day website. That would be a new record for the event, which has raised a total of $4.5 million since its inception.

We at Arizona Highways have many nonprofits near and dear to our hearts, but we won't try to influence your decision. Visit the site and find a cause that inspires you. And remember that every dollar helps.

To learn more, you can also follow Arizona Gives Day on Facebook.

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