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There are many scenic back roads in the White Mountains. One of our favorites is Forest Road 116, which winds along the West Fork of the Black River and up toward Big Lake. It’s not the only road, though. There’s an entire network in the woods that leads to some of the most beautiful places in Arizona.


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Local Favorite: Silver and Cedar
Local Favorite: Patisserie Jacqui
Local Favorite: Amadio Ranch
National Pi Day
Local Favorite: Verde Valley Bicycle Company
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We were camped in a narrow corridor of black cliffs that actually felt like a box, but it hardly felt claustrophobic. A whisper of breeze carried the rich, muddy scent of the river. Wispy clouds turned orange over a narrow slice of sky as daylight slowly filled the atmosphere. A cacophony of birdsong emanated from a curtain of greenery behind camp, building in intensity along with the coming light. It all felt very tropical.

Three of us — Melanie Bell, a university biostatistics professor; her husband, photographer Bill Hatcher; and I — had convened at the Gila River without any visions of a tropical getaway. This was a desert river, and that title in itself was sort of an oxymoron, so we didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t floated the Gila in decades, and that was on the receding waters of a flood, when the restless river roiled across its wide bed, filling the canyon bottom, covering the bushes and some of the trees, swiftly ushering me through a wide desert landscape — or so I recalled. This time was bound to be different. When I left my house in Flagstaff, the Gila...

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Photograph by Bill Hatcher

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Maybe you’ve spent a night or two in one of the cabins, or maybe you’ve stopped in for a dozen cookies or a jägerschnitzel dinner. But if you’ve so much as visited the North...

Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo


Of the three fox species in Arizona, kit foxes (Vulpes macrotis) are the smallest — adults typically weigh less than 5 pounds, according to the Arizona Game and Fish...

Photograph by Bruce D. Taubert


Editor’s Note: As a general rule, photographers tend to focus on one of...

Photograph by Jerry Jacka


Location, location, location! Small but in the middle of it all, Tolleson is nestled between the cities of Phoenix and...

From the river to the rails, Clarkdale shines like a true Arizona gem teeming with world-class attractions. Nestled in...

As the weather warms up and the paloverde explodes into bloom, there's no better time to visit Yuma, Arizona, for a...

There are countless adventures in store for you when you visit Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona. If you think Arizona is all...