Arizona Highways took home 17 awards, including three golds, from the International Regional Magazine Association at this week's annual conference in Denver.

The awards covered magazines published in 2017.

The three golds for Arizona Highways went to writer Matt Jaffe, in the Nature & Environment category, for A Little Cat Goes a Long Way (September 2017), about the elusive jaguarundi; photographer Scott Baxter, for his portrait of the late Jim Harrison for Dear Jim ... (April 2017); and Editor Robert Stieve, for the headline on Growing, Growing, Gone (January 2017), a story about a ponderosa pine in the Grand Canyon.

The magazine's silver awards included Kelly Vaughn's The Maverick (July 2017), a profile of Blue Range rancher Sam Luce; an extensive portfolio of Monument Valley (December 2017); and photographer David Muench, who received a silver in the Magazine Photographer of the Year category. The magazine's monthly department, The Journal, and the publication's overall art direction, by Barbara Glynn Denney and Keith Whitney, also received silver awards, as did the March 2017 cover, which featured a Saguaro National Park illustration by Chris Gall.

Rounding out the silver awards were Baxter, for portrait series (The Maverick), and Derek von Briesen, for single photo (In the Frame, January 2017).

"This is such a tremendous honor for the magazine and the entire staff," said Arizona Highways Publisher Kelly Mero. "We're extremely fortunate to have such an incredibly talented and gifted team of people with a passion for producing a first-class product. These awards speak volumes to their tireless efforts in striving for that perfection."

The awards continue a run of success for Arizona Highways at the annual event. The magazine won 16 awards in 2015, 20 in 2016 and 22 last year.

Here's the complete list of Arizona Highways' awards this year:

Gold. Nature & Environment. A Little Cat Goes a Long Way by Matt Jaffe.
Bronze. Travel Feature. Fringe Benefits by Matt Jaffe.
Bronze. General Feature. Identifying Flying Objects by Matt Jaffe.
Silver. Profile. The Maverick by Kelly Vaughn.
Gold. Headline. Growing, Growing, Gone by Robert Stieve.
Bronze. Column. Editor’s Letter by Robert Stieve.
Silver. Single Photo. In the Frame by Derek von Briesen.
Silver. Photo Series. The Big Pictures: Monument Valley.
Gold. Portrait Photo. Dear Jim ... by Scott Baxter.
Silver. Portrait Series. The Maverick by Scott Baxter.
Silver. Magazine Photographer of the Year. David Muench.
Award of Merit. Illustration. Canyon de Chelly by Chris Gall.
Bronze. Art Direction Single Story. The Big Pictures: Red Rock Country by Barb Denney.
Silver. Overall Art Direction. Barb Denney & Keith Whitney.
Silver. Department. The Journal.
Award of Merit. Special Focus. December 2017.
Silver. Cover. March 2017.