The future has officially arrived: The Arizona Game and Fish Department has begun using a robotic mule deer to catch would-be poachers.

The department unveiled the deer last week, the Arizona Daily Star reported. The robot is outfitted with a real deer hide and can turn its head from side to side. The department already has robotic decoys for elk, white-tailed deer and Gila monsters, among other animals.

The robot was donated by the Arizona chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation, one of whose members spent several months constructing it.

A Game and Fish spokesman said mule deer are popular poaching targets because they live only in the western United States. The meat from poached deer often is shipped to East Coast markets and restaurants.

There are plenty of great places to spot mule deer in Arizona, including the Kaibab Plateau Trail. Just remember to interact responsibly with the deer and other wildlife: Observe them from a distance, don't feed them, store your rations and trash securely, control your pets, and avoid them at sensitive times, such as while they're mating or raising young.