Mission San Xavier del Bac Featured on NPR Program

Greg McKelvey | Mission San Xavier del Bac

One of Arizona's oldest and most-photographed structures is receiving national attention after it was featured on the National Public Radio program All Things Considered this month.

Mission San Xavier del Bac, located on Tohono O'odham land near Tucson, was featured on the show the week of January 9. It was part of "Finding America," a series intended to share the stories of communities across the country.

In the piece, Gabriel Otero, a Tucson resident, discusses the mission's history, culture and importance to his family. In his words: "If someone's hungry, we feed 'em. That's just our culture. It's Native, Hispanic, Mexican, Chicano. Our culture is very colorful, and you know, if you come here, you'll feel that. And you're gonna love it."

To learn more about Mission San Xavier del Bac, visit its website.

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