New Alliance Bank Book Celebrates Arizona's Working History

A new coffee-table book produced by Alliance Bank of Arizona explores the state's economic history through historical and modern photos.

At Work in Arizona: The First 100 Years is written by Stuart Rosebrook and curated by Marilyn Szabo. Our own creative director, Barbara Glynn Denney, produced the book's layout.

The book is available at any of Alliance Bank's 10 locations in Arizona, or online, with a donation of $100 or more. All proceeds go to 12 of the state's most effective education-focused nonprofit organizations.

Over the next few days, we'll feature a few photos from the book, along with their accompanying stories. Here's today's entry for the above photo:

Jerome Mine Train, Jerome | Circa 1900
The United Verde & Pacific narrow-gauge railway was the innovation of United Verde Copper Company mine owner William A. Clark, who bought the mine in 1888. Clark's construction of the railroad to tie into the national railroad system, and expansion of the mine and the smelter, allowed the company to grow and prosper to become the largest copper mine in Arizona by 1900. In 1915, Clark built a standard-gauge rail line to his new smelter at the base of Cleopatra Hill in his company town, Clarkdale.

Photo credit: Jeremy Rowe Collection


My grandfather, Harry Alva Reed, arrived in Jerome in 1898 and became an engineer on the United Verde & Pacific narrow gauge. My email is [email protected]

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