Saguaro National Park's 'Best Sunsets' Claim Starts Instagram Fight

Maribeth Brady | Saguaro National Park

A good-natured battle erupted recently on social media — and the Tucson area's Saguaro National Park was at the center of it.

As National Geographic reported, the park posted a photo of one of its gorgeous sunsets on Instagram, then asked its 70,000 or so fans if they knew the park has "the best sunsets in the world." That spurred a skeptical comment from Joshua Tree National Park, just across the state line in Southern California, and after some ribbing back and forth, the parks agreed to a "sunset-off."

Since then, they've traded several spectacular sunset photos using the hashtag #parksunsetwars. Park visitors have joined the fun, and so have other National Park Service sites, including Death Valley National Park in California and our own Grand Canyon National Park.

The "war" seems to have died down now, without a clear victor. We're biased, but we think it's hard to beat a sunset at any of Arizona's national parks.


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