The following appeared in the June 1970 issue of Arizona Highways.

Summer is here. It's that time of the year. Our portion of our planet and the sun have moved into that particular position where at times you might imagine if you get out into the noonday sun you are an egg being fried sunny-side up, but such imaginative tremors come only from not understanding nor knowing what summer in Arizona really is like.

Hot? Of course! Yet nearly a million people live in Arizona's two largest areas — Phoenix and satellite cities of the Salt River Valley and Tucson, both essentially desert areas. We know from observation as well as exposure they seem to do as well or even better than folks in other parts of our fair land where oppressive humidity makes a summer day sheer torment.

Remember, there are essentially two summers in Arizona — summer in the desert and summer in the mountains. A desert dweller in a few hours can be in the heart of a high, cool forest, testing his skill against wily trout, wonderfully content with a relaxing and invigorating weekend or vacation far from the beaten path.

And, of course, the miracle of modern air-conditioning has transformed a desert summer into a delight forever. You sleep cool, you live cool, you work cool, you shop cool! A million desert dwellers cannot be wrong. We present them as witnesses for our defense and eulogy of our desert summer.

— Raymond Carlson, Editor