Video Captures Bobcat, Rattlesnake Facing Off in Phoenix Area

A rattlesnake battles a bobcat on a Scottsdale sidewalk. | Laura Lucky via ABC 15

A real estate agent in Scottsdale recently came upon a startling sight: a bobcat doing battle with a rattlesnake on a nearby sidewalk.

As Valley news station ABC15 reported, Laura Lucky was out showing houses when she spotted the animals. In the video she shot, the bobcat paws at the snake as it tries to slither away. The snake strikes at the bobcat, but it's unclear whether it lands any bites.

Ultimately, the bobcat clamps down on the snake near its head and carries it out of view, into the desert.

Wildlife experts told the news station that bobcats are not immune to rattlesnake venom, but that it isn't unusual for the opportunistic felines to go after animals. As we recently reported, rattlesnakes are a more common sight in the Sonoran Desert this time of year, with temperatures on the rise.

You can watch the video here.


Wow! Glad it wasn't me fighting the rattler.

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