What's the Best Breakfast Spot in Arizona?

Pancakes at The Original Breakfast House | Via Facebook

The food blog Extra Crispy has released its list of the 51 best breakfast destinations in America — and a Phoenix restaurant is Arizona's representative.

The Original Breakfast House, located at 13623 N. 32nd Street, made the blog's ranking, which was published last month. The restaurant specializes in "unique and original twists on classic diner food," and breakfast selections include the El Paso omelet (which includes chorizo, green chiles and black beans), pancakes (made with a hint of lemon) and egg scrambles with Cheddar cheese and various meats.

Extra Crispy lauded the restaurant's "meaty eggs and omelets decked with linguica, Arizona beef, chicken-fried steak, ham, Spam, carnitas, or chili, as well as lovingly prepped pancakes and French toast with a bounty of fruity and sweet fillings and toppings."

"If you can't find your dream breakfast here, you just aren't trying hard enough," the site added.

The OBH has been in business since 2013 and also features a lunch menu. Its owner, John Stidham, had owned several restaurants in Northern California before retiring to the Valley in 2011.

Like any list of this nature, Extra Crispy's ranking is completely subjective. So, you tell us: What's the best place to get breakfast in Arizona? (A few of our favorites: Matt's Big Breakfast in Phoenix and Tempe, the Waffle Iron in Prescott and MartAnne's in Flagstaff.)


We consistently find ourselves at Cracker Barrel. I'm not a fan of chain restaurants, but their breakfasts are soooo good. We love Uncle Hershel's Favorite, with the hashbrown caserole, eggs, grits, and we choose the fried catfish (there are several meats you can pick from), along with biscuits and gravy. Their egg sandwich is awesome, the sourdough bread isn't the usual sourdough, and is one of the best breads I've ever tasted, it's sooo good. They also have a pancake special, and Cracker Barrel pancakes are the best pancakes we've ever had! They have a perfect flavor and crispness you don't find anywhere else. Ok, now I want to go there this morning. Trouble is deciding on those things......

The Big House in Casa Grande! Simply amazing! The place is always busy but well worth the wait.

Arizona Bread Co. is a top destination for us. Also, Crackers & Company, both in Tempe.

Absolutely Butterfields in Scottsdale! Food is wonderful with portions large enough to share.

We love Kiss the Cook in Glendale! In my opinion they have the very best Biscuits and Gravy. The biscuits are homemade (not those huge bready ones) and the gravy has three types of sausage in it. Pancakes are delicious as well as omelettes!

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