Chef Lisa Dahl, one of the country's leading chefs and restaurateurs, announces the release of her second cookbook, A Romance With Food (Story Farm Publishing), just in time for Valentine’s Day. The book captures Dahl’s Latin Fusion cooking and is a tribute to her wide-ranging inspirations from travels in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay to her hometown of Sedona, Arizona. Through the unique recipes and beautiful photography, Dahl shares her emotional and spiritual transformations sparked throughout her pilgrimage. A Romance With Food will be released February 1, online and via specialty book retailers nationwide.

In Dahl’s colorful narrative, the words are as delicious as the food. Featuring 91 recipes, many from Dahl’s distinguished Mariposa restaurant, the book is paired with more than 150 vibrant photos to encourage even novices to replicate her acclaimed dishes.

“I don’t complicate the techniques or use obscure tools or ingredients. You can easily make these recipes using your own home-chef tools, oven, and backyard grill. The book is organized much like a menu, so the home chef can mix and match from all the chapters,” explains Dahl.

From “Sumptuous Salads” to “Platos Principales” to “Sweets to Savor” there's an element of romance from start to finish of your meal. Fan favorites include the Homemade Empanadas from the “Tantalizing Tapas” chapter, Glorioso Gazpacho from the “Sultry Soups” entries, and the Pescado Paradiso and Veggie Nirvana found in the “Platos Principales” section. Sweet endings are fulfilled with decadent dessert recipes including Maple-Coconut Flan, Key Lime Perfection, and Sueño de Chocolate. Readers can pair their food with exquisite cocktail creations including Lisa’s Luscious Skinny Margarita and the Rosé Grapefruit Strawberry Sangria from the “Spirit Realm” chapter.

“When you cook with love, you feed the soul,” says Dahl, who has pioneered the culinary scene in Sedona, Arizona, for more than 25 years. “A Romance with Food shares with you my interpretation of bold cuisine that I coin—Latin fusion cooking. What sets this book apart is that it’s more than a mere collection of recipes. It’s a cooking style intertwined with storytelling and compelling visuals. My hope is that it helps you feel the soul of the food, as I do.”

 A Romance With Food is the sequel to Dahl’s award-winning first book, The Elixir of Life, which explored the chef’s journey of using cooking to heal from trauma and loss.