Residents of the Leupp Chapter of the Navajo Nation have closed Grand Falls — east of Flagstaff — to visitors until further notice, citing accumulation of overflowing trash and alcohol containers; ATV groups off-roading into residential areas and non-designated roads; deterioration of road maintenance; and disturbance of the natural ecosystem, its inhabitants and cultural sites. While the falls don't fall within the jurisdiction of Navajo Nation Parks or the National Park Service, both agencies reportedly support the closure. 

With a height of 185 feet, the falls dump rain and snow melt into the Little Colorado beneath it. Often referred to as "Chocolate Falls," the attraction was popular, particularly after heavy rains. 

As always, remember to adhere to the Leave No Trace Principles when visiting a natural site: 

1. Plan ahead and prepare.

2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces. 

3. Dispose of waste properly.

4. Leave what you find.

5. Minimize campfire impacts. 

6. Respect wildlife. 

7. Be considerate of others.