With COVID-19 concerns on the rise, many people are practicing social distancing and self-quarantine methods. We know it can be hard to stay indoors and away from your normal activities, but there still many things you can do to keep yourself and your family active during this time. Here are 10 options you can try in the coming days.

1. Take a hike.
Public lands are still open for people to enjoy. If you want to get some exercise and enjoy a free dose of nature, take a hike at one of our many parks and hiking areas across the state. As long as you are keeping a safe 6-foot difference between yourself and others, outdoor activities are still acceptable. Check the status of national parks before heading out.

2. Check out the wildflowers.
Wildflower season is upon us, and areas such as Picacho Peak and Bartlett Lake are already blooming. Photographing and enjoying the beauty of these areas will be a welcome break from staying indoors. Once again, follow CDC guidelines while out in public.

3. Enjoy a family bike ride.
While the kids are home from school, make time for them to get some physical exercise during the day. A bike ride around your neighborhood is also an acceptable activity that will get you out of the house without endangering your health or that of others.

4. Work on a puzzle.
There are plenty of things to do indoors including working on a puzzle. Whether it's one you have had for a while or a new one that you want to try, puzzles are a great way to keep your brain engaged. Plus, they can be done solo or as a family activity. We recommend our Retro Map Puzzle.

5. Take a virtual museum tour.
Many museums around the world are offering free virtual tours. This is a great way to check out a place you have never been, as well as a fun learning opportunity for kids. 

6. Try a home workout plan.
With many gyms closed for health reasons, people are having to change their workout regimen. The good news is many apps, like One Peloton, are offering free home workout plans and trial memberships. Gyms are also providing free access to training programs and livestreamed workouts.

7. Have a family game night.
A good old-fashioned family game night may be just the answer for getting everyone away from the screens. Board games are making a comeback, and now is the perfect time to engage in some friendly competition and discover (or rediscover) your favorite game.

8. Catch up on yard work.
You've been meaning to clean up those weeds and mow the lawn, but just haven't had the time. Well, now you do. You can get the whole family in on it and distribute the work while getting some much-needed Vitamin D. 

9. Listen to a new podcast.
You may not have your normal commute to work, but you probably have some extra time to listen to your favorite podcast. If you're not into podcasts yet, this is a great time to try them out. Stitcher and Apple offer a variety of podcasts that can appeal to many interests.

10. Write that thing you've been meaning to write.
You know what we're talking about. You always say you'll write a novel or a poem or simply start a journal. Now is the time to do it. Use this time to brainstorm and let your creativity flow.

— Ameema Ahmed, Associate Editor