2023 Adventures in Nature
Student Photo Contest

Seeking photos that showcase Arizona’s natural beauty,
wildlife and people in nature.

This photo contest is open to Arizona students ages 13-18.

Open to Arizona students ages 13-18

$10,000 in cash prizes await the top 10 winners.
Deadline to submit your high-resolution nature photos is midnight April 12, 2023.
Winners will be announced May 11, 2023.

View OFFICIAL RULES. For more information, contact Danielle Kagan at [email protected]
Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy, Arizona Highways and Cox Communications.

One file only.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.
Photos must be of locations in Arizona.
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Photo by Grace Shepard

One of many gorgeous and vibrant Arizona sunsets, showcased in Downtown Tucson overhead of the city

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Photo by Annahi Naranjo

A bee sitting on a bright pink flower, surrounded by succulents.

Location: Flowing Wells High school

Photo by Sadie Larson

Top of young Saguaro cactus catching the evening light.

Location: Private residence near Sweetwater Hiking Trails

Photo by Caitlin Buelow

Cholla blossom under cloudy sky

Location: Vail, AZ

Photo by Callie Burton

An Apis Mellifera resting quietly on a Copper Globemallow in a carefree meadow across from my house.

Location: Heber, Arizona

Photo by Caleb Burton

Taken in Petrified Forest National Park in November of 2022.

Location: Petrified Forest National Park Arizona

Photo by Christian Burton

This photo was taken on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in July of 2022.

Location: Grand Canyon AZ

Photo by Corrie Burton

Snow and stormy skies surrounding Ponderosa pines in the White Mountains.

Location: Highway 260 near Forest Lakes, Arizona

Photo by Callie Burton

Location: Ranger Station On Top Of The Rim

Photo by Corrie Burton

Beautiful blooming poppies near the Salt River Recreation Area, Arizona, early March.

Location: Salt River Recreation Area, Arizona

Photo by Khadicha Abdumannabova

Road to the mountains and skies.

Location: Sabino Springs

Photo by Cheyenne Wheatley

A picture I took of an empty waterfall. At the top of my hike, I had to climb over rocks and walk through cold water to get into the waterfall. Even though my feet were freezing, it was calming to watch the light of the setting sun graze the top of the rocks.

Location: White Tank Mountains